TRVA was founded in 1974 by Texas dealers who saw a bright future for this new industry.

TRVA is a nonprofit trade organization organized under the IRS Code 501(c)6 which allows the association to earn certain income streams from what is determined to be Related Business Income: dues, registrations for seminars and conventions, etc. The association depends solely on its members for support and receives no federal grants.

Membership in TRVA is voluntary, however, there is no other organization in Texas which works each day to improve the public image of the RV industry, to promote the RV Lifestyle and to protect the right for your company to conduct business in this state other than TRVA. Our professional staff is well trained in all matters of the nonprofit sector and in the RV business. They work tirelessly, along with the TRVA Board of Directors, to be the shepherds of the RV industry in Texas.

Joining TRVA is a step in the right direction for your business. Once you become involved in the activities of the association and by attending the annual convention you will come to understand why some members would never open their doors without knowing TRVA was behind them 100%.